Over the last few weeks and months, countless celebrities and public figures have been caught-up in sexual harassment scandals. With accusations ranging from inappropriate comments and touching all the way up to sexual assault and rape, it increasingly seems like no corner of our society is immune from this kind of horrible behavior.

Two years ago, when a massive cheating scandal was unfolding after the hack of the Ashley Madison website, Off on a Tangent offered ten tips to avoid getting caught. In the same tradition, here are ten tips to help you avoid getting caught-up in the harassment scandal:

  1. Don’t assault people.
  2. Don’t harass people.
  3. Don’t touch people without their consent.
  4. Don’t hurt people.
  5. Act like a civilized human being.
  6. Respect others.
  7. Respect yourself.
  8. Seriously, don’t assault people.
  9. Seriously, don’t harass people.
  10. Seriously, act like a civilized human being.

I hope this helps!