Virginia House of Delegates, 87th District, 2021

Seal of Virginia
Seal of Virginia

In the race to represent the eighty-seventh district in the Virginia House of Delegates, one-term incumbent Delegate Suhas Subramanyam (D-VA 87th) is challenged by entrepreneur Greg Moulthrop (R).

The Virginia House of Delegates is the oldest legislative body in the Americas, having been established (as the House of Burgesses) in 1619. Delegates must be at least twenty-one years old and residents of the district they wish to represent, and they are elected to two-year terms with no term limits. There are one hundred districts across the commonwealth. Today, the Democratic Party holds a fifty-five seat majority, and the Republican Party holds forty-five seats.

The house’s eighty-seventh district includes much of the eastern border area of Loudoun County and a small portion of northern Prince William County. Communities in the eighty-seventh district include Antioch, Arcola, Dulles, South Riding, and parts of Ashburn, Broadlands, Cascades, and Sterling.

(Recommendations for other house districts are listed at the bottom of this post.)

Incumbent: Suhas Subramanyam (D)

Suhas Subramanyam
Suhas Subramanyam

Incumbent Delegate Suhas Subramanyam (D-VA 87th) is nearing the end of his first term representing the eighty-seventh district in the Virginia House of Delegates. He stands for reelection as the Democratic Party nominee.

Subramanyam is a graduate of Tulane University who spent his early career working to get Democratic Party candidates elected. He served as a health care and veterans policy aide on Capitol Hill, and later earned a law degree from the Northwestern University School of Law. He clerked for the Senate Judiciary Committee and then worked as a technology and regulatory attorney.

He was later named a technology advisor to President Barack Obama (D) and led a task force on technology policy. After leaving the White House, Subramanyam founded a consulting firm to advise businesses and nonprofits on matters relating to technology regulation.

During his first term representing us in Richmond, he has supported the same dismal policies that he campaigned on two years ago. He apparently supports his party’s nonsensical obsession with identity politics. He has voted to weaken election security and undermine the integrity of the vote. He still wants to unnecessarily restrict energy development for dubious and unscientific reasons.

Worst of all, Subramanyam has voted consistently in opposition to the fundamental human right to life and the right to keep and bear arms.

He does, however, deserve credit for supporting the effort to reform the way the privately-owned Dulles Greenway highway is regulated by the state. For the first time, the state is now taking steps to stop unjustifiable toll increases on this key part of public infrastructure.

Challenger: Greg Moulthrop (R)

Greg Moulthrop
Greg Moulthrop

Greg Moulthrop (R) stands as the Republican Party nominee to represent the eighty-seventh district in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Moulthrop is a graduate of Longwood University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and the University of San Diego with a master’s degree in supply chain management. He worked as a federal and private-sector contractor before founding his own tech startup, InfiniTrak. After selling his business he joined a Silicon Valley startup, which opened a new office in Virginia. He has never held political office, and says he is running because “I believe that Virginians are predominately conservative.”

If elected, Moulthrop promises to support the human rights to life and liberty, work to give parents choices in their children’s education, and protect election integrity. On this last point, he says, “All legal votes should be counted, voters should prove their identity, voting machines should be re-evaluated, ballot harvesting should be illegal, and universal mail-in voting should be illegal as well (not to be confused with absentee voting).”

He would also oppose shifts toward socialism, as well as all the other post-modern anti-humanist theories that are cluttering up our schools and our political discourse. Yet he also promises to try to find common ground across the aisle where he can, particularly regarding health care, the environment, and public safety.


Delegate Suhas Subramanyam (D-VA 87th) is wrong for the eighty-seventh district. He consistently supports policies that are bad for our community and bad for the Commonwealth of Virginia. I appreciate his efforts to improve state oversight of the Dulles Greenway, but I am hard-pressed to find anything else for which he deserves praise. His work to undermine election integrity and his consistent opposition to fundamental human rights—the right to life and the right to keep and bear arms—deserve derision.

Greg Moulthrop (R) is the only other option presented to us on the ballot, and he generally stands strong where Subramanyam falls. He supports the human rights. He seeks to protect the integrity of the vote. He seeks to give parents more control and more choice in their children’s education and opposes the increasing politicization of our schools with socialist, racist, and sexist nonsense.

The one thing that gives me pause about Moulthrop is that he appears to be a little bit too “Trumpy.” He calls himself a “strong populist conservative,” and he implies (without quite saying) that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen. It wasn’t. Trump lost. And yet, there were some serious irregularities, and efforts to undermine the trustworthiness of our elections must be opposed.

We need voter identification laws, reliable machines and processes, and robust auditing capabilities. Moulthrop may be wrong about what happened 2020, but he’s right about what we need to change for future elections. This, combined with his support for human rights, makes him a far better choice than Subramanyam. I endorse the election of Greg Moulthrop to represent the eighty-seventh district in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Recommendations in Other Districts

In addition to the long-form endorsement (above) for the eighty -seventh district of the Virginia House of Delegates, which appears on my own ballot, I make recommendations for contested races in other districts. I have evaluated each candidate according to the same general criteria expressed in the endorsement above.

  • 1st District: Incumbent Delegate Terry Kilgore (R-VA 1st) is running for reelection unopposed.
  • 2nd District: Incumbent Delegate Candi King (D-VA 2nd) is challenged by Gina Ciarcia (R). I recommend voting for Gina Ciarcia.
  • 3rd District: Incumbent Delegate James Morefield (R-VA 3rd) is running for reelection unopposed.
  • 4th District: Incumbent Delegate William Wampler III (R-VA 4th) is running for reelection unopposed.
  • 5th District: Incumbent Delegate Israel O’Quinn (R-VA 5th) is running for reelection unopposed.
  • 6th District: Incumbent Delegate Jeffrey Campbell (R-VA 6th) is running for reelection unopposed.
  • 7th District: Derek Kitts (D) and Marie March (R) stand as candidates for an open seat. I recommend voting for Marie March.
  • 8th District: Incumbent Delegate Joseph McNamara (R-VA 8th) is challenged by Dustin Wimbish (D). I recommend voting for Joe McNamara.
  • 9th District: Bridgette Craighead (D) and Wren Williams (R) stand as candidates for an open seat. I recommend voting for Wren Williams.
  • 10th District: Incumbent Delegate Wendy Gooditis (D-VA 10th) is challenged by Nick Clemente (R). I recommend voting for Nick Clemente.
  • 11th District: Incumbent Delegate Sam Rasoul (D-VA 11th) is challenged by Charlie Nave (R). I recommend voting for Charlie Nave.
  • 12th District: Incumbent Delegate Chris Hurst (D-VA 12th) is challenged by Jason Ballard (R). I recommend voting for Jason Ballard.
  • 13th District: Incumbent Delegate Danica Roem (D-VA 13th) is challenged by Christopher Stone (R). I recommend voting for Christopher Stone.
  • 14th District: Incumbent Delegate Danny Marshall (R-VA 14th) is challenged by Rhett Deitz (D). I recommend voting for Danny Marshall.
  • 15th District: Incumbent Delegate Todd Gilbert (R-VA 15th) is challenged by Emily Scott (D). I recommend voting for Todd Gilbert.
  • 16th District: Incumbent Delegate Les Adams (R-VA 16th) is challenged by Chance Trevillian (D). I recommend voting for Les Adams.
  • 17th District: Incumbent Delegate Christopher Head (R-VA 17th) is running for reelection unopposed.
  • 18th District: Incumbent Delegate Michael Webert (R-VA 18th) is challenged by Douglas Ward (D). I recommend voting for Michael Webert.
  • 19th District: Incumbent Delegate Terry Austin (R-VA 19th) is challenged by Wendy Rowen (D) and Dean Davison (L). I recommend voting for Dean Davison.
  • 20th District: Incumbent Delegate John Avoli (R-VA 20th) is challenged by Randall Wolf (D). I recommend voting for John Avoli.
  • 21st District: Incumbent Delegate Kelly Convirs-Fowler (D-VA 21st) is challenged by Tanya Gould (R). I recommend voting for Tanya Gould.
  • 22nd District: Incumbent Delegate Kathy Byron (R-VA 22nd) is challenged by Greg Eaton (D) and Sarah Jerose (L). I recommend voting for Sarah Jerose.
  • 23rd District: Incumbent Delegate Wendell Walker (R-VA 23rd) is challenged by Natalie Short (D). I recommend voting for Wendell Walker.
  • 24th District: Incumbent Delegate Ronnie Campbell (R-VA 24th) is challenged by Sam Soghor (D). I recommend voting for Ronnie Campbell.
  • 25th District: Incumbent Delegate Chris Runion (R-VA 25th) is challenged by Jennifer Kitchen (D). I recommend voting for Chris Runion.
  • 26th District: Incumbent Delegate Tony Wilt (R-VA 26th) is challenged by Bill Helsley (D). I recommend voting for Tony Wilt.
  • 27th District: Incumbent Delegate Roxann Robinson (R-VA 27th) is challenged by Debra Gardner (D). I recommend voting for Roxann Robinson.
  • 28th District: Incumbent Delegate Joshua Cole (D-VA 28th) is challenged by Tara Durant (R). I recommend voting for Tara Durant.
  • 29th District: Incumbent Delegate Bill Wiley (R-VA 29th) is challenged by Deetzie Bayliss (D). I recommend voting for Bill Wiley.
  • 30th District: Incumbent Delegate Nick Freitas (R) is challenged by Annette Hyde (D). I recommend voting for Nick Freitas.
  • 31st District: Incumbent Delegate Elizabeth Guzman (D-VA 31st) is challenged by Ben Baldwin (R). I recommend voting for Ben Baldwin.
  • 32nd District: Incumbent Delegate David Reid (D-VA 32nd) is challenged by Scott Pio (R) and Nick Allegro (I). I recommend voting for Scott Pio.
  • 33rd District: Incumbent Delegate Dave LaRock (R-VA 33rd) is challenged by Paul Siker (D). I recommend voting for Dave LaRock.
  • 34th District: Incumbent Delegate Kathleen Murphy (D-VA 34th) is challenged by Gary Pan (R). I recommend voting for Gary Pan.
  • 35th District: Incumbent Delegate Mark Keam (D-VA 35th) is challenged by Kevin McGrath (R). I recommend voting for Kevin McGrath.
  • 36th District: Incumbent Delegate Kenneth “Ken” Plum (D-VA 36th) is challenged by Matthew Lang (R). I recommend voting for Matthew Lang.
  • 37th District: Incumbent Delegate David Bulova (D-VA 37th) is challenged by Kenneth Meteiver (R). I recommend voting for Kenneth Meteiver.
  • 38th District: Incumbent Delegate Kaye Kory (D-VA 38th) is challenged by Tom Pafford (R). I recommend voting for Tom Pafford.
  • 39th District: Incumbent Delegate Vivian Watts (D-VA 39th) is challenged by Maureen Brody (R). I recommend voting for Maureen Brody.
  • 40th District: Incumbent Delegate Dan Helmer (D-VA 40th) is challenged by Harold Pyon (R). I recommend voting for Harold Pyon.
  • 41st District: Incumbent Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn (D-VA 41st) is challenged by John Wolfe (R). I recommend voting for John Wolfe.
  • 42nd District: Incumbent Delegate Kathy Tran (D-VA 42nd) is challenged by Ed McGovern (R). I recommend voting for Ed McGovern.
  • 43rd District: Incumbent Delegate Mark Sickles (D-VA 42nd) is challenged by Brenton Hammond (R). I recommend voting for Brenton Hammond.
  • 44th District: Incumbent Delegate Paul Krizek (D-VA 44th) is challenged by Richard Hayden (R). I recommend voting for Richard Hayden.
  • 45th District: Alexandria Vice-Mayor Elizabeth Bennett-Parker (D) and J.D. Maddox (R) stand as candidates for an open seat. I recommend voting for J.D. Maddox.
  • 46th District: Incumbent Charniele Herring (D-VA 46th) is running for reelection unopposed.
  • 47th District: Incumbent Patrick Hope (D-VA 47th) is challenged by Laura Hall (R). I recommend voting for Laura Hall.
  • 48th District: Incumbent Rip Sullivan (D-VA 48th) is challenged by Edward Monroe (R). I recommend voting for Edward Monroe.
  • 49th District: Incumbent Delegate Alfonso Lopez (D-VA 49th) is challenged by Timothy Kilcullen (R) and Terry Modglin (I). I recommend voting for Terry Modglin.
  • 50th District: Michelle Lopes-Maldonado (D) and Steve Pleickhardt (R) stand as candidates for an open seat. I recommend voting for Steve Pleickhardt.
  • 51st District: Tim Cox (R) and Briana Sewell (D) stand as candidates for an open seat. I recommend voting for Tim Cox.
  • 52nd District: Incumbent Delegate Luke Torian (D-VA 52nd) is challenged by Maria Martin (R). I recommend voting for Maria Martin.
  • 53rd District: Incumbent Delegate Marcus Simon (D-VA 53rd) is challenged by Sarah White (R). I recommend voting for Sarah White.
  • 54th District: Incumbent Delegate Bobby Orrock Sr. (R-VA 54th) is challenged by Eric Butterworth (D). I recommend voting for Bobby Orrock Sr.
  • 55th District: Incumbent Delegate Buddy Fowler (R-VA 55th) is challenged by Rachel Levy (D). I recommend voting for Buddy Fowler.
  • 56th District: Incumbent Delegate John McGuire III (R-VA 56th) is challenged by Blakely Lockhart (D). I recommend voting for John McGuire III.
  • 57th District: Incumbent Delegate Sally Hudson (D-VA 57th) is challenged by Philip Hamilton (R). I make no recommendation.
  • 58th District: Incumbent Delegate Rob Bell (R-VA 58th) is challenged by Sara Ratcliffe (D). I recommend voting for Rob Bell.
  • 59th District: Incumbent Delegate Matt Fariss (R-VA 59th) is challenged by Benjamin Moses (D) and Louis Scicli (I). I recommend voting far Louis Scicli.
  • 60th District: Incumbent Delegate James Edmunds II (R-VA 60th) is running for reelection unopposed.
  • 61st District: Incumbent Delegate Thomas Wright (R-VA 61st) is challenged by Trudy Berry (D) and Joey Paschal (L). I recommend voting for Joey Paschal.
  • 62nd District: Incumbent Delegate Carrie Coyner (R-VA 62nd) is challenged by Hopewell City Council Member Jasmine Gore (D-Ward 4). I recommend voting for Carrie Coyner.
  • 63rd District: Incumbent Delegate Lashrecse Aird (D-VA 63rd) is challenged by Kim Taylor (R). I recommend voting for Kim Taylor.
  • 64th District: Incumbent Delegate Emily Brewer (R-VA 64th) is challenged by Michael Drewry (D). I recommend voting for Emily Brewer.
  • 65th District: Incumbent Delegate Lee Ware (R-VA 65th) is challenged by Caitlin Coakley (D). I recommend voting for Lee Ware.
  • 66th District: Colonial Heights City Councilman Mike Cherry (R) and Katie Sponsler (D) stand as candidates for an open seat. I recommend voting for Mike Cherry.
  • 67th District: Incumbent Delegate Karrie Delaney (D-VA 67th) is challenged by Bob Frizzelle (R). I recommend voting for Bob Frizzelle.
  • 68th District: Incumbent Delegate Dawn Adams (D-VA 68th) is challenged by Mark Earley (R). I recommend voting for Mark Earley.
  • 69th District: Incumbent Delegate Betsy Carr (D-VA 69th) is challenged by Sheila Furey (R). I recommend voting for Sheila Furey.
  • 70th District: Incumbent Delegate Delores McQuinn (D-VA 70th) is challenged by David Vaught (I). I recommend voting for David Vaught.
  • 71st District: Incumbent Delegate Jeffrey Bourne (D-VA 71st) is challenged by Nancye Hunter (R). I make no recommendation.
  • 72nd District: Incumbent Delegate Schuyler VanValkenburg (D-VA 72nd) is challenged by Christopher Holmes (R). I recommend voting for Christopher Holmes.
  • 73rd District: Incumbent Delegate Rodney Willett (D-VA 73rd) is challenged by Mary Margaret Kastelberg (R). I recommend voting for Mary Margaret Kastelberg.
  • 74th District: Incumbent Delegate Lamont Bagby (D-VA 74th) is challenged by Jimmy Brooks (R). I recommend voting for Jimmy Brooks.
  • 75th District: Incumbent Delegate Roslyn Tyler (D-VA 75th) is challenged by Otto Wachsmann (R). I recommend voting for Otto Wachsmann.
  • 76th District: Incumbent Delegate Clinton Jenkins (D-VA 76th) is challenged by Mike Dillender (R) and Craig Warren (I). I recommend voting for Mike Dillender.
  • 77th District: Incumbent Delegate Cliff Hayes (D-VA 77th) is challenged by Geoffrey Burke (R). I make no recommendation.
  • 78th District: Incumbent Delegate Jay Leftwich (R-VA 78th) is challenged by Melanie Cornelisse (D). I recommend voting for Jay Leftwich.
  • 79th District: Nadarius Clark (D) and Lawrence Mason (R) stand as candidates for an open seat. I recommend voting for Lawrence Mason.
  • 80th District: Incumbent Delegate Don Scott Jr. (D-VA 80th) is challenged by Deanna Stanton (R). I make no recommendation.
  • 81st District: Incumbent Delegate Barry Knight (R-VA 81st) is challenged by Doc Feld (D). I recommend voting for Barry Knight.
  • 82nd District: Scott Flax (D) and Anne Ferrell Tata (R) stand as candidates for an open seat. I recommend voting for Anne Ferrell Tata.
  • 83rd District: Incumbent Delegate Nancy Guy (D-VA 83rd) is challenged by Timothy Anderson (R). I recommend voting for Timothy Anderson.
  • 84th District: Incumbent Delegate Glenn Davis (R-VA 84th) is challenged by Vice Chair of the Virginia Beach School Board Kimberly Melnyk (D). I recommend voting for Glenn Davis.
  • 85th District: Incumbent Delegate Alex Askew (D-VA 85th) is challenged by Karen Greenhalgh (R). I recommend voting for Karen Greenhalgh.
  • 86th District: Julie Perry (R) and Irene Shin (D) stand as candidates for an open seat. I recommend voting for Julie Perry.
  • 87th District: See full-form endorsement above.
  • 88th District: Kecia Evans (D), Phil Scott (R), and Timothy Lewis (L) stand as candidates for an open seat. I recommend voting for Timothy Lewis.
  • 89th District: Incumbent Delegate Jay Jones (D-VA 89th) is challenged by Hahns Copeland (R). I recommend voting for Hahns Copeland.
  • 90th District: Incumbent Delegate Angelia Williams Graves (D-VA 90th) is challenged by Sylvia Bryant (R). I recommend voting for Sylvia Bryant.
  • 91st District: Incumbent Delegate Martha Mugler (D-VA 91st) is challenged by A.C. Cordoza (R) and Charles West IV (L). I recommend voting for A.C. Cordoza.
  • 92nd District: Incumbent Delegate Jeion Ward (D-VA 92nd) is challenged by Benjamin Siff (R). I recommend voting for Benjamin Siff.
  • 93rd District: Incumbent Delegate Mike Mullin (D-VA 93rd) is challenged by Jordan Gray (R). I recommend voting for Jordan Gray.
  • 94th District: Incumbent Delegate Shelly Simonds (D-VA 94th) is challenged by Russ Harper (R). I recommend voting for Russ Harper.
  • 95th District: Incumbent Delegate Cia Price (D-VA 95th) is challenged by David Wilson (R). I recommend voting David Wilson.
  • 96th District: Incumbent Delegate Amanda Batten (R-96th) is challenged by Mark Downey (D). I recommend voting for Amanda Batten.
  • 97th District: Incumbent Delegate Scott Wyatt (R-VA 97th) is challenged by Stan Scott (D). I recommend voting for Scott Wyatt.
  • 98th District: Incumbent Delegate Keith Hodges (R-VA 98th) is challenged by Ella Webster (D). I recommend voting for Keith Hodges.
  • 99th District: Incumbent Delegate Margaret Ransone (R-VA 99th) is challenged by Linwood Blizzard (D). I recommend voting for Margaret Ransone.
  • 100th District: Incumbent Delegate Robert Bloxom (R-VA 100th) is challenged by Finale Norton (D). I recommend voting for Robert Bloxom.

Scott Bradford is a writer and technologist who has been putting his opinions online since 1995. He believes in three inviolable human rights: life, liberty, and property. He is a Catholic Christian who worships the trinitarian God described in the Nicene Creed. Scott is a husband, nerd, pet lover, and AMC/Jeep enthusiast with a B.S. degree in public administration from George Mason University.