Florida Keys 2022

If you read my last post, you know about our cruise saga. When we finally got back on a ship in September 2021, we thought the ad nauseum cycle of cancellations and re-bookings was over.

The second phase of our attempt to finally use up the cruise credit—i.e., the interest-free loan that Norwegian Cruise Line has been enjoying on our behalf—was going to be in January of this year. The plan was to drive down to Orlando, Florida, for a few days, including a day at Discovery Cove. Then we would drive to Tampa, Florida, to embark for a five-day Caribbean cruise.

We were already in Tampa when Norwegian informed us—a day and a half before embarkation—that the cruise was cancelled. The basically-harmless “Omicron” variant of COVID-19 was to blame. Sheer absurdity. So we still haven’t been able to use all the money we paid Norwegian in 2019.

Anyway, since Key West, Florida, was to be our first port of call, we decided to continue with our vacation and visit it anyway. We booked a hotel in Key Largo, Florida, and spent what should have been our cruise days seeing the sights in the Keys, including a one-day visit to Key West. A few photos from the trip are posted below. Enjoy.

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