McDonald's Fried Apple Pies

McDonald’s: End the Charade! Fry the Pies!


In 1960, Litton Cochran, owner of McDonald’s restaurants in Knoxville, Tennessee, started selling miniature deep-fried apple pies that came in a little cardboard pouch. They were so popular that Cochran had a hard time keeping up with demand.

By 1968, these amazing little pies had caught the attention of McDonald‘s owner Ray Croc and were starting to roll out to restaurants nationwide. They were wonderful. All in the world was right.

But McDonald’s giveth, and McDonald’s taketh away.

In 1992, for reasons that were never clearly explained, McDonald’s switched to baked apple pies. Nobody asked them to do this. Nobody was happy with it. The new apple pies are fine, I guess, but they’re not even half as good as the deep-fried beauties they replaced.

The world has been in a downward spiral since McDonald’s took our deep-fried apple pies away. Think of all the bad stuff that has happened between 1992 and today. Look at all the bad stuff out on the horizon coming our way.

McDonald’s can save the world. All they have to do is BRING BACK THE DEEP-FRIED APPLE PIES.

Now is the time. McDonald’s: We’re all counting on you.

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