Skills and Arts

This section covers arts, practical skills, and other “less academic” courses and studies. Subcategories include defense, digital arts, transportation, and more.

Amateur Radio

  • American Radio Relay League
    • Annual Hurricane Season Webinars (2015, 2016, 2017)
    • Family Emergency Communications Plan Training (with FEMA)
  • Books and Independent Study
    • American Radio Relay League
      • Ham Radio License Manual
      • General Class License Manual
    • Romanchik, Dan
      • Technician Class License Study Guide
      • General Class License Study Guide
    • Silver, H. Ward
      • Ham Radio for Dummies

Defense and Security

  • Blue Ridge Arsenal
    • Introduction to Handguns
  • FEMA Emergency Management Institute
    • IS 907: Active Shooter: What You Can Do
    • IS 914: Surveillance Awareness: What You Can Do
  • Hunter Ed Course
    • Virginia Hunter Safety Course
  • National Rifle Association
    • Basic Pistol Course
  • Books and Independent Study
    • Davies, Barry – The SAS Self-Defense Handbook
    • Liebsch, Bill; Janet Liebsch – It’s a Disaster . . . and What are You Gonna Do About It?
    • U.S. Office of Strategic Services – Simple Sabotage Field Manual

Digital Arts

Graphic Design

  • LinkedIn Learning (
    • Essential Training Series (InDesign)


  • LinkedIn Learning (
    • Essential Training Series (Lightroom, Photoshop)
    • Learning Path: Become a Photographer
  • Books and Independent Study
    • Bracken, Charles – The Deep-Sky Imaging Primer


  • LinkedIn Learning (
    • Essential Training Series (Premiere Pro)


  • Chantilly High School
    • Health and Physical Education 9
  • Liberty High School
    • Health and Physical Education 10
  • First Aid, CPR and AED Certifications (current)
    • 2023-2025 – American Red Cross

Management and Productivity

  • George Mason University
    • UNIV 100: Academic Skills
  • Learning Tree International
    • Management Skills 290
  • Internal employment training
    • CMMI: Capability Maturity Model Integration (Levels 1-3)
    • ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management
  • Books and Independent Study
    • Adams, Scott
      • How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big
      • Loserthink
    • Allen, David – Getting Things Done
    • Brooks, Frederick, Jr., PhD – The Mythical Man Month
    • Jennings, C. Alan – Robert’s Rules For Dummies


  • eMedia Music
    • Guitar Method (in progress)
    • Piano and Keyboard Method (in progress)
  • Khan Academy
    • Music Basics: Notes and Rhythm
  • LinkedIn Learning (
    • Essential Training Series (Melodyne Studio)
    • Music Theory for Songwriters: The Fundamentals


  • Liberty High School
    • Driver’s Education (Classroom)
  • Bedford County Public Schools
    • Driver’s Education (Behind-the-Wheel)
  • Apex Cycle Education
    • Basic [Motorcycle] Rider Course
  • BoatUS Foundation
    • NASBLA Boating Safety for Virginia
  • Books and Independent Study
    • FAA – Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

Other Topics

  • Knights of Columbus (Praesidium)
    • Safe Environment Training
    • Protecting God’s Children (for Adults)
  • Books and Independent Study
    • Kelly, Harold – Watch Repair for Beginners

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