Republican National Convention Speeches Now Available FREE in iTunes

Many speeches from the Republican National Convention are now available from C-SPAN and through the iTunes Music Store, and the rest are coming soon.

Unfortunately, I am unable to give you a direct link to the RNC speeches (and the link I provided earlier to the DNC speeches is now broken). So, instead, I’ll just link you directly to iTunes Audiobooks (link requires Apple iTunes software, a free download).

Both the Republican and Democratic National Convention speeches are available from graphic links about halfway down the page.

As I said when the DNC speeches became available, it is important to listen to these things (at minimum, Kerry’s and Bush’s respective speeches). It doesn’t matter whether you are personally a Republican or a Democrat or neither, both candidates deserve to be heard so we can all make a rational, intelligent decision about which choice is best for America.

I’ll have my opinions on that matter ready for your viewing pleasure this weekend ;-).

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