In Virginia’s 11th Congressional District (Fairfax City, part of Fairfax County, and part of Prince William County), moderate incumbent Republican Tom Davis is pitted against Democrat Ken Longmyer. Davis is going for his sixth term in the House of Representatives.

Both Davis and Longmyer seem to be perfectly decent individuals, and I was a little surprised that I could find nothing on either of their websites bashing their opponent (although Longmyer does more than his fair share of Bush-bashing).

Davis’s pro-abortion views and other parts of his voting record bother me, but overall he has been good for this region. He helped to secure federal money for much-needed highway improvements and authored the legislation that got DC’s prison out of Fairfax, among other notable accomplishments. Longmyer, however, is strangely quiet about local issues; his site reads more like an ad for John Kerry and his national politics than an ad for Ken Longmyer and the 11th District.

So I am endorsing the reelection of Representative Tom Davis.

The modern Democratic rallying-cries of mindless anti-Bushism and anti-Republicanism do not appeal to me; I want to hear what Ken Longmyer has to offer Northern Virginia. By failing to even address the important local issues that Northern Virginians face every day, Longmyer lost even a chance at earning my vote. Tom Davis has been representing us well in Congress; I see no compelling reason for a change.