Wedding Planning; Dvorak Progress; etc.

Wow, I’ve been slacking on the posting lately, haven’t I?

Wedding planning has been moving along reasonably well (which is good, given that there’s only 50 days of bachelorhood left). The rings came in to Kay the other day, and we’re getting the engraving (and Melissa’s resizing; mine was special-ordered in the right size) done now. There’s a bit of upheaval with both the rehearsal dinner and Reception II: The Bedford Reception (long stories, explain later), and there’s one more run of invitations to do, but it’s all moving forward.

My big, outstanding solo projects are tuxes and music. The big, outstanding joint projects are the wedding license and getting Melissa on the lease at my [becoming our] apartment (and thus getting her a parking pass).

Remember how, a while back, I said I was switching to the Dvorak keyboard? That’s still happening. I haven’t regained my QWERTY typing speed yet, but I’m fast enough now that I’m not switching back to QWERTY (as I was for a while) for typing-intensive tasks like long blog entries, coding websites, IM conversations, and so on.

It’s only a matter of time now before I can abandon QWERTY entirely. Bwah hah haha!

Anyway, I’ve also finally started writing some fiction again (now that the poetry reorganization is out of the way). I’m hoping to have another short story ready to go in another month or so—no promises!

Have a nice day!

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