Saw this on Monday but haven’t had time to blog it ’til now. John Fund writes about Milwaukee’s school choice program and how it is benefiting both those who utilize it and those who have stayed behind in the public schools. Yes, school choice is actually helping Milwaukee’s public schools.

Despite mounting evidence to back that up, the teacher’s unions and liberal Democrats oppose this plan and have worked to limit its effectiveness. They would prefer an ineffective ‘throw money at it‘ approach for fixing our public schools.

The Democratic Party and teacher’s unions all talk a good game about protecting children and improving education, so you would think they would be all-for a plan like this—especially given all this evidence that school choice really works! Let’s get politics and union selfishness out of education and do what’s best for the students.

  • ‘He’s Throwing Away My Dream’ (Wall St. Journal, free registration may be required).