Switch to Cingular Done, and Other News

So, everything went pretty much according to plan this past weekend. We stopped by the Cingular store here in Fairfax on Sunday, but they were having a network problem so we moved on to the store in Fair Oaks Mall. The store at Fair Oaks, however, was out of the phone I wanted, so the poor guy had to drive to the Fairfax store to pick one up and bring it back while Melissa dragged me around the mall for 20 minutes.

Regardless, it was painless overall and I walked out with a brand new Palm Treo 650. A few hours later, calls to our normal phone numbers were coming through on the new Cingular phones. All is well.

The new phone is named Katy II (being a Palm OS handheld, it made sense to rekindle the name of my old Handspring Visor Pro). I’m really happy with it so far, and having my email and the internet on my phone is pretty cool (not to mention all the standard PDA functions).

Katy II

In other news, Melissa and I each had our physical and dental checkups on Monday. My physical was just fine, but I’ll need to go back to have some fairly minor dental stuff done. As for Melissa, well, you can read about her health escapades in her blog.

The next (and hopefully final, for now) big thing coming up is the impending Honda purchase. The exact date is contingent on a number of things, but it should be happening over the next few weeks. More information as the time approaches ;-).

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