Anybody who’s been in college over the last couple of years is well aware of the insane textbook prices, and it’s no surprise to me (since I was one of them) that many students just don’t buy books anymore. I’m sorry, but $120 for a used Econ. textbook that served more to confuse me than enlighten me? Please.

Adding insult to injury was that the other textbook for that Econ. class—a bargain at $60—stayed in its shrinkwrap for the entire semester. No readings in it were ever assigned.

After that fateful semester, I never bought more than a handful of books at a time. My grades stayed high (I made dean’s list in one semester after having bought maybe two of the 20 ‘required’ books) and I had more money for the important things. But not everybody can get by without them, so somebody makes a killing on textbook price gouging, and college gets one step further out of reach for low-income Americans.