Mobile Platforms Support (Limited)

With the growing prevalence of mobile Internet browsing, I have begun testing Off on a Tangent in several browsers for smartphone platforms. Currently, I am providing LIMITED support for these browsers, but that support level will be increasing with upcoming site revisions until the site is fully supported on these platforms.

Currently supported are Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile (Windows Mobile, ‘Desktop’ mode preferred), Mozilla MiniMo (Windows Mobile), and Opera Mini (Java compatible phones including Blackberry, Palm OS, Symbian, and Windows Mobile [add-on Java environment may be required]). I am performing the testing on my own Palm Treo 650, a Windows Mobile 5 emulator, and a Blackberry emulator.

I am planning for future versions of this site to have a ‘mobile version’ which will display in a manner more conducive for the small screens, but the above supported browsers do a good job of cramming my site into a small space for now.

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