Katia II: MacBook Pro Arrives Today

On Friday of last week, recovering from all the Thanksgiving eating, Melissa and I placed an order for a new Apple MacBook Pro (15″). This is part of our master computer refresh plan, by which I get a new cutting-edge Intel-based Mac for my regular use (and cross-platform testing), while Melissa gets my current PowerBook G4 1.67ghz (15″) with which to run all her PPC-only art software.

This way, we both have up-to-date machines that meet our needs, and Melissa has the next couple of years (at least) to upgrade her art software to Intel/PPC cross compatible products before she makes the Intel switch later on.

Regardless, I’ve been tracking my MacBook Pro as it comes from Shanghai. It arrived in Anchorage, Alaska, yesterday, and somehow made a cross-country jaunt to the DC area in less than 24 hours for delivery today. Ah, blessed FedEx. So tonight I’ll begin my migration and play with my new 2.16ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2gb DDR2 RAM, 200gb hard drive beauty. When I’m done setting up, I’ll have everything I have on my current PowerBook, plus all kinds of neat stuff that I can only do with the Intel machines (like run Mac OS native, plus Windows and Linux in a virtualizer all at near-native speeds). It’s a nerd’s paradise.

And it’ll make it much quicker/easier to test things—like Off on a Tangent, primarily—on all the major operating systems (plus a few non-major ones, just for fun . . . BeOS and OS/2 Warp, anyone?).

So, what I’m getting at, is don’t expect any major work on the site over the next few days. I’ll be distracted. (Not that the site has seen any major updates in the last month or so anyway. I’m in a slacker mood.)


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