I felt an earthquake today and didn’t even realize it!

I was heading out for a late lunch, and went down to the parking garage while I was messing with my phone (getting a new version of PointUI installed and running). I got in my car—the new one, which I will elaborate on later—and started it. Then I sat there about 2 minutes finishing up with the phone before driving off. I remember the engine, which has been really smooth since I drove it off the lot yesterday, seemed to be idling pretty roughly in the garage and I thought that was weird. Nothing serious, but the car just seemed to be shaking a bit. It’s a new car though, so I don’t know all its little idiosyncrasies yet. It cleared up soon enough, and I didn’t worry too much about it.

Turns out the car wasn’t idling roughly, the whole darn building was shaking! I work about 5 miles from Annandale, and this was right around 1:30, so everything adds up now. Pretty cool, huh?

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