Feeling Cheery? Have Some Meat Juice!

Melissa and I had dinner last night at a nearby Thai restaurant that we enjoy, and had to have a laugh at the drink menu. In fact, I just submitted this photo to the ever-hilarious English Fail Blog. I can’t decide which part I find more humorous: the twice-misspelled word ‘cherry’ (printed as ‘cheery’) or—the part I didn’t even notice until reviewing the photo at home—the ‘Coconut & Meat Juice’.

Regardless, I can’t harp on them too much. Their fried rice was excellent, and a fair argument can be made that the quality of English in the menu is inversely proportional to the quality and legitimacy of the food in ‘foreign’ food restaurants.

Update 7l27l2008: My picture was posted on the English Fail Blog! Woohoo!

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