chp2chp1So the folks over at the Fairfax Circuit Court finally woke up and mailed my Concealed Handgun Permit six days past their legal deadline. Apparently the court’s definition of 45 days is, in fact, 51 days. According to the paperwork, the law enforcement folks cleared me on 11/26 (ten days after submitting my application), the circuit court cleared me on 12/18, and the permit has a printed ‘Issue Date’ of 12/29 (which was a couple of days before their deadline).

The postmark on the envelope was 1/6 though, so it either sat around somewhere for a solid week-plus or they falsified their issue date. I’d believe either.

Regardless, I now have permission from the Commonwealth of Virginia to exercise my God-given civil right, guaranteed by the Constitution, to keep and bear arms un-infringed (except in those places where the state chooses to infringe anyway . . . ~sigh~).