Changes to Mobile Browser Support

I’ve made a number of modifications to the ‘low-fi’ version of Off on a Tangent that gets fed, primarily, to mobile and text-only browsers. While the mobile version of Safari (the iPhone/iPod browser) and the Android browser each do a decent job of rendering the full version of the site, the drop-down menus and other elements of the site don’t work too well in a mobile environment. As a result I have started sending the low-fi version to mobile Safari and the Android browser.

I also made some modifications to make the low-fi version work better on those two browsers—everything should be readable and usable. I have also improved support for the most recent version of Internet Explorer Mobile on the Windows Mobile 6.1 platform (it should work well in portrait mode in IE 6 Mobile, but there are still some minor issues in landscape mode and on higher-resolution WM devices).

You can see the up-to-date list of supported desktop and mobile browsers (as well as screenshots of the site in each browser) on the ‘About the Site‘ page. While the listed browsers are the ones I actively test with, the site likely works on lots of other browsers too. I expect that the changes I’ve made will improve the site on various unsupported mobile browsers as well.

As always, I recommend you use the most up-to-date version of your chosen browser (since I do all my testing in the newest versions of each). If you have any problems with the site in a supported browser, please let me know!

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