Snow!? Yay!

I have a really busy weekend currently in progress, so I’m sorry for the slight reduction in posting. Today was mostly a social day, with a couple different get-togethers with friends with some errands wedged in-between. Tomorrow is church and various other things, including some work on the back-end of my web site (I’m making some architectural changes; they should have no immediate effect on anything from your perspective). I might, if I have time, head over to the NRA range and do some shooting, but I’m guessing I won’t get to that until later in the week.

What I’m most excited about at the moment, however, is the weather. I love winter weather. I’m like a kid hoping he’ll get out of school, except . . . I’m not.

According to the weather men—who are occasionally right—we’re supposed to get snow and sleet this evening (check), followed by snow and sleet tomorrow afternoon turning into snow tomorrow night and into Monday. The current guidance is that we’ll get about 4-6″ of snow and sleet, making it the biggest snowstorm for the DC region this winter so far. It should be fun!

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