Site Infrastructure Changes

As I mentioned on Saturday, I spent part of my weekend making some pretty big adjustments to the back-end of the web site. Since I worked from home today (given the close-to-a-foot of snow), I had a little extra time today to wrap all that up. The infrastructure changes are finished, and everything seems to be working just fine. It should work exactly the same as it did before, but there’s always a chance that I screwed something up so please let me know if you find anything amiss.

The main idea was to simplify the management of Melissa’s and my various web sites by moving many of them to the same back-end system. That way, it’s much quicker and easier for me to apply updates, security fixes, and so on. I also took the opportunity to do a lot of general ‘house cleaning’ around the various MySQL databases and filesystem directories that make up this site and the various other sites we manage.

I hope you all are enjoying the snow!

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