Flowers Are Pens (FYI)

Flowers Are PensI was in a local eyeglass shop last night with Melissa, since her glasses needed some minor repair, and I learned something I didn’t know before: Flowers are pens!

This is very, very important information.

If you ever end up in one of those situations where you need to write something down, but you don’t have a pen with you, you can simply use a flower! Problem solved! Of course, this might pose problems if you have allergies . . . but that’s why they make Zyrtec D, isn’t it?

Is a contract valid if it’s signed in pollen?

These guys get bonus points too, since they put the ‘HIPAA PRIVACY ACKNOWLEDGMENT’ text in Comic Sans, a font that should never—and I mean never—be used in a professional environment. Ask any graphic designer (like Melissa) if you want a long rant about unprofessional typefaces.

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