Well obviously I haven’t been spending my time posting on the site, but I have had an extremely productive weekend (for once). Since leaving work on Friday, I’ve done the following (with Melissa’s help on some of them):

  1. Spent an hour at the NRA shooting range putting rounds through my M&P 9 and P-3AT.
  2. Took my old, broken, cat-hair-encased recliner to the dump.
  3. Bought a new (used) leather recliner from a friend and got it moved into the apartment.
  4. Dropped by a Circuit City, just to see the chain’s last-hurrah.
  5. Assembled and installed a trunk organizer in my car.
  6. Took both cars to the car wash.
  7. Adjusted our property and life insurance plans.
  8. Installed security cables on our two small gun safes.
  9. Went to church.
  10. Washed my two bikes and performed some general maintenance.
  11. Went biking; had a nice 30-mile warm-up ride, now that the weather has turned nice again.
  12. Upgraded the operating system on my BlackBerry Bold (9000).

And I managed to do all that with one less hour of sleep than I should have had, because of all this Daylight Saving Time gibberish. You know, if we eliminated Daylight Saving Time then maybe the reduced daylight would help mitigate ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ ;-).