Website 21 Coming Soon

I mentioned a little over a week ago that I was starting to work on my designs and such for the next version of this site, Website 21. As I mentioned then, this is going to be (from a visual perspective) an evolutionary rather than revolutionary upgrade. At a glance it won’t look all that different, though I think you will notice some changes.

I’ve been writing mostly smaller entries on the site over the last week since I’ve been dedicating a lot of my web time to the development of the Website 21 templates and code (I’ve been in a pretty nerdy mood, so the timing was right). I’m happy to report that I’ve made very fast progress. With the weight of supporting Internet Explorer 6 off my shoulders, web development is much quicker and much less hacky these days.

I’m doing a major upgrade to the code—a complete rewrite in parts—and already have a working WordPress template with a couple of nifty new features worked in. Of course, all this does introduce the possibility that something won’t work right initially. I’ll do my usual wide range of browser tests and will try to catch and eliminate as many bugs as possible before launch, but some are bound to slip through.

Anyway, I have not yet set a launch date . . . but don’t be too surprised if Website 21 launches in the next week or two. Then again, since I’m pretty busy and do get sidetracked, don’t be surprised if it takes longer either ;-).

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