House: Getting Windows, Doors, and Ducts

house2house1house4house3Before the rain swooped in, Melissa and I made a quick run by the house. Melissa had planned to do an art show today but wasn’t feeling up to it because of a stomach bug, and I was planning a nice, long bike ride but the weather screwed that up . . . so we ran by the house, got some lunch, and then have spent most of the rest of the day catching up on a million neglected to-dos.

Regardless, the house is coming along nicely. The building has most of its windows and doors installed, ducts put in, plumbing and wiring done, and so on. They’re already starting to finish the exterior walls (with brick), though it’s not done yet (and they haven’t gotten to ours). In the pictures you can see the whole building, our ‘Future Home of . . . ’ sign, the front of the house (with our main floor window missing), and the back of the house (with our bedroom window missing).

We are supposedly going to be called to come do a ‘pre-drywall walkthrough’ soon. Fun times!

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