So after yesterday went completely not as planned, today went pretty smoothly. After Mass this morning we had a nice lunch with my parents, and then I went on that nice, long bike ride I’d planned to do yesterday (stupid rain). Originally I planned to do a 40-miler, but after I got 20 miles out from the Route 28 W&OD Trail parking lot I was still feeling pretty good so I just kept going.

All told, when I finally got back to the parking lot, I had been riding for roughly four hours (including a few breaks here and there) and my odometer told me I had gone 56.2 miles.

As far a I know, this is a personal record. Of course, most of the rides I did as a kid (some of which quite long) I don’t really remember the distance, but my fuzzy memory says that the longest I ever did before I started tracking it closely was about 50 miles. I’ve just recently worked up to that kind of range, and have done a couple of 50-milers in the last month or two. I’m going to declare 56.2 to be my new personal single-ride record!

I can probably bump that a hair to an even 60, but not for a week or two. My poor legs need time to recover.