2011 Endorsement & Election Plans

I’ve been extra busy over the last couple of weeks (if you haven’t gathered from the relatively slow rate of posting), but that hasn’t stopped me from preparing for the annual Off on a Tangent election coverage. Since 2004, I have made formal political endorsements in every election in-which I am eligible to vote. I plan to post the official 2011 Off on a Tangent endorsements next week.

Though overshadowed in the media by the 2012 presidential election, the 2011 elections in Virginia are very important and deserve the full attention of the people of the Commonwealth. The entire General Assembly stands for election this year (Senate and House of Delegates), as do our local Boards of Supervisors, School Boards, and most of our local constitutional officers including Commonwealth’s Attorneys, Sheriffs, and Treasurers. As tempting as it might be to look to the more glamorous national elections—which are still more than a year away—we need to stay focused. These state and local officials often have much much real-world impact on our day-to-day lives than anybody at the federal level.

In addition to these endorsements, I intend to provide live election night coverage from approx. 7pm until midnight on 11/08/2011. This will include results for all races in which I’ve made endorsements and a feed of any relevant local, state, or national news that might come up. I project winners based on my own method that includes analysis of media reports, exit polling, and official returns. I have been known to occasionally call an election winner correctly before any mainstream media outlet does, if the data supports it.

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