Consolidated Election Results Archive

Since 2004, I have provided live election night coverage for every election and race in which I am eligible to vote. My system for providing this coverage has evolved over the years. It began with a cumbersome manual process, and it is now a fairly sophisticated and semi-automated system.

This year, I made a large number of improvements to the system. It is now much more robust and flexible. I made these improvements so it would require less year-to-year hacking going forward, but they also made it possible for me to go through my past coverage and put the results into the system and normalize how the results display.

Now that all of my election coverage data from 2004 to present is all in the same system, I can also offer a consolidated election archive. On that page, you can select (using the drop-down) any election I have ever covered here on the site, and see the results of the races I was following and the coverage I provided. Enjoy!

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