Website 18.2 Revision

Today I launched a minor revision to Off on a Tangent which brings the version to 18.2. These minor revisions are part of the site’s incremental improvement, and they often begin to incorporate styling cues that (if well-received) become a central part of the next major upgrade. So let me know what you think! The changes for version 18.2 include the following:

  • Contrast/Color Improvements: I have taken the contrast/color improvements from the 18.1 revision another step, darkening the blue hues a bit and darkening many of the gray border/highlight lines.
  • Miscellaneous Stylistic Improvements: I have also made a number of minor stylistic improvements. The most notable of these being that the banner text now matches the styling used in the rest of the site (capital letters, bolder font) and has improved shadowing to improve contrast.
  • Improvements in IE7 Support: I have repaired a number of minor problems with how this site displays in the newly-released Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 browser.

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