Another Letter to Cigna Healthcare

You may recall a letter I wrote to Cigna Healthcare last May regarding an idiotic ‘preexisting condition questionnaire’ they sent to Melissa. It was idiotic because Melissa had been a Cigna customer for years without interruption. Insurance companies can only hold preexisting conditions against you if you have had a break in medical insurance coverage; because Melissa had been with Cigna forever, they knew there had been no such break. I happily said so, and asked them to look at their own records next time before bothering me.

And let me reiterate one more time what I said at the end of my post where I shared that letter with you, my loyal readers: “[J]ust because I opposed the particular health care reform plan passed by Congress doesn’t mean I think the system doesn’t need fixing. . . .”

Anyway, Cigna is at it again. This time, they are dragging their feet on paying out one of our dental claims because they want to know how much my ‘other insurance carrier’ has already paid. The problem is that we have no ‘other insurance carrier.’ We told them that already the last time they sent us an inquiry about it, and then they promptly turned around and sent us another inquiry asking the same stupid question. So I’ve answered it again, telling them again that we have had only Cigna dental insurance since my employer switched to them at the beginning of the year.

Just to make sure I get the point across, I’ve also included this letter:

Dear Sir or Madam:

In response to your inquiry of 6/24/2011 regarding the above referenced claim number, please find the response sheet enclosed.

As you are (or should be) aware, Melissa and I have dental insurance provided through my employer, Network Solutions LLC. My employer had previously provided dental insurance through another provider, but switched to Cigna effective 1/1/2011. Our previous dental insurance was terminated as part of this switchover on 12/31/2010.

This is the second time this year that we have notified you in-writing, as repeatedly requested, that we carry no other dental insurance besides Cigna. There is no need to continue requesting information regarding our ‘other insurance carrier’ which does not exist, nor do you have any valid, legal reason to continue delaying the payment of our dental insurance claims.

Any further inquiries along these lines, and any effort to avoid payment of claims on the basis of non-existent ‘other insurance’ will be referred to our legal counsel.

Thank you for your time.


Scott Bradford

Can you tell that this back-and-forth is starting to really annoy me?

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